Services for older people

Recently one of our clients was planning a six-week holiday. She and her husband were attending their son’s wedding in France before heading off on a tour of Europe.

While she was excited at the prospect of spending time in Paris, London, and Rome, she was also weighed down with guilt. Our client had not visited her eldest son in the two years he had lived in Paris because she had to care for her frail and elderly mother.

Like many older people, her mother valued her independence and wanted to live in her own home, but could only do so with assistance. Our client checked in on her mother daily, did her weekly grocery shopping, and prepared pre-cooked meals that could be easily heated.

Before talking to us, our client had assumed the only option was to put her mother in respite care for six weeks. She knew her mother would hate it, and the guilt was taking the shine off her holiday.

Concierge NZ can bring peace of mind to families with ageing relatives - whether it is for a short period while you take a holiday, or by providing ongoing assistance if you don’t live nearby or you can’t be there for them as much as you’d like. We can help to shoulder the load in a wide variety of ways - and we’ll treat your relative with the same respect and care that you would.

For our client, we simply picked up the tasks that she would normally do. We delivered meals and groceries, and organised for her mother’s house to be cleaned. We also made sure it was the same concierge visiting each day to provide consistency and for our client’s mother to feel secure. We helped provide her with company, to check she was taking her medications, and did a range of other small chores she needed assistance with.

And, importantly, we kept in regular contact with our client while she was in Europe to give her updates and peace of mind. She is now keen to use our services on a more regular basis.

Our services for older people are personalised and designed to make life easy and stress-free for everyone. We can sort out almost any task for you and your ageing relative. Here are some examples:

  • Reminder services – for medications, appointments, or anything else that an elderly person might forget.
  • Personal shopping – everything from groceries and prescription pick-ups.
  • Daily check-ins to make sure everything is ok.
  • Assistance with insurance issues, finances, and bill payments.
  • Transport to and from appointments and social engagements.
  • House cleaning and laundry.
  • Home and garden maintenance, including finding reliable tradespeople and overseeing their work.
  • High quality meal preparation.
  • Dog walking.
  • Downsizing and relocation assistance.