An NZ surfing safari

New Zealand has over 6,000 km of coastline and perfect conditions for both surfing and kite-surfing. World-famous surf breaks attract keen surfers year-round, and there are plenty of schools for novices who want to try their hand at the sport.

Concierge NZ can organise gear and lessons for beginners or, for experienced surfers and kite-surfers, we can provide a guide with good local knowledge to show you the best spots, according to the conditions on the day. 

We have a selection of high-end acommodation at all the best surfing locations so you can relax after a day riding the waves. And, if you really want to be looked after, we can provide a Kiwi gourmet evening barbecue to complete the beach theme of your travels.

Best surf breaks

New Zealand’s best known surf spot is Raglan in the North Island - half way down the west coast with a good left hand point that appears to go on forever. The Taranaki Peninsula offers lots of quality spots within a short distance. It is renowned for great waves and finding the ideal wind conditions is as easy as driving along the coast road - Surf Highway 45.

The North Island’s other well-known surfing destinations include Piha in Auckland, and Shipwreck Bay in Northland on the west coast, and Mt Mauganui, the Coromandel Peninsula, and Gisborne on the east coast. The variety of breaks is impressive - from clean barrels rolling onto pure white sand beaches on the east coast, to pounding sets on the rugged, black sand beaches of the west coast.

The South Island is colder, particularly in winter, but quality, empty surf more than makes up for the temperature. Top surfing spots are the Catlins on the south east coast where big wave surfing is the key attraction, the Dunedin coast which offers a variety of breaks, and Kaikoura's powerful reefs and points.

Kite-surfing options

There are literally hundreds of kite-surfing locations in New Zealand because the sport can be enjoyed on flat bodies of water. As long as there is steady cross-shore wind and a large open body if water, you can kite-surf it.

As you would expect, a lot of kite-surfing takes place along the same ocean shores favoured by surfers, but the picturesque alpine lakes of the South Island and more sheltered harbours around Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch are also hot kite-surfing spots.

New Zealand’s compact geography means that many locations can offer a range of ocean beaches, harbours and flat water estuaries all within easy driving distance. With our good local guides we will find the perfect spot for your abilities, preferred style of kite-surfing, and the weather conditions.