Housekeeping for holidaymakers

One of the key services Concierge NZ can provide its clients is a housekeeping service that is second to none. Many of our clients prefer a flexible approach to travel that includes staying in high-end, but self-catering, accommodation.

If you want to rent a stylish beach house for a week, or an entire lakeside property for the family to enjoy, then our housekeeping service would be perfect for you.

Our approach is to bring 5-star hotel cleaning standards to self-catering properties.

We have dedicated housekeeping teams so cleaners are always available at short notice. All have been rigorously trained and recruited for their attention to detail, thoroughness, efficiency, discretion and trustworthiness.

The service, itself, is completely flexible. We will visit the property you are staying in as often as you need, although we find most of our short stay guests opt for a daily service. You can give us any special instructions you want and our teams will get them done.

What you get is not a standardised house clean, where the cleaner is just ticking off a list of generic jobs. It is a genuine housekeeping service that can include such things as washing your dishes, laundering your clothes, and changing your bed linen daily.

Combined with the provisioning and in-house dining arrangements that can be organised by our concierge staff, the Concierge NZ housekeeping service allows you to have the freedom of completely taking over your own property while on holiday, while still maintaining the service levels of a 5-star hotel or luxury lodge.