Housekeeping for busy people

A key part of Concierge NZ’s offerings for our clients is a housekeeping service that is second to none. Keeping your home clean and tidy can be time consuming, stressful, and just a nuisance – and not necessarily the best use of a busy person’s time.

If you are finding that there aren’t enough hours in your day, and that you would rather spend your weekends with your family or doing things you actually enjoy, then our housekeeping service is perfect for you.

We have dedicated housekeeping teams so cleaners are always available at short notice. All have been rigorously trained and recruited for their attention to detail, thoroughness, efficiency, discretion and trustworthiness.

The service itself is completely flexible and highly personalised. It is defined by, and designed for, each client, reflecting your lifestyle, and requirements. We take the time to get to know you and what it is you need from your housekeeping service.

And what you get is not a standardised house clean, where the cleaner is just ticking off a list of generic jobs. It is a genuine housekeeping service that can include such things as washing your dishes, laundering your clothes, and changing your bed linen.

Our housekeepers follow your direction to ensure your house is cleaned and kept exactly as you want it to be. We use your products so you have complete control over what is put into your environment, and we use your cleaning equipment to ensure that no foreign dirt, dust, or pet hair is transferred from house to house on equipment like vacuum cleaners.

The frequency of visits is entirely up to you – and we understand that your needs may change from week to week. For example, you may require a daily clean when you have guests staying, a weekly clean under normal circumstances, and a monthly clean when you are travelling.

We also offer an excellent seasonal ‘deep’ clean that is perfect when you are:

  • Planning a function or party at home.
  • Preparing for the arrival of house guests.
  • Travelling and want to return to a clean house.
  • Moving into a new house, or out of an old one.
  • Selling your house and holding an open home.

Our approach is to bring hotel cleaning standards to your home and help you keep it that way. And with the time our housekeeping service can save you, we’re also giving you a little bit of your life back.