Five great gift ideas

Finding the perfect Christmas gift takes thought, time, and effort. Personal gifts, which show how much you really know someone, are always best, but our five gift ideas below might help get your creative juices flowing.

Remember, think outside the box. Go for something you know they will love, but might not think of buying for themselves. And focus on the things that they enjoy doing or that are important to them.

Our other tip is to do your research and shop online. You can shop whenever you want, and the presents come you. And if you do venture out in to the Christmas crush, you will be shopping with intent instead of wandering around aimlessly looking for inspiration.

1. Give them an experience to remember

Experiences enrich the soul in a way that material possessions can’t. Most people have something they’d ‘love to do one day’ – whether it is a thrill like sky-diving, a wine appreciation course, or seeing a kiwi bird in the wild. Discover that one thing and you’ll give them something they will remember for a lifetime.

2. Focus on their hobbies

Everyone has an activity they love to do, and most activities require equipment of some sort. Go to a dedicated, specialist retailer and ask them what they think is the coolest gadget that any enthusiast of their particular sport or hobby would love.

If it’s an activity that your loved one has just started getting interested in, then private lessons, a comprehensive book, or magazine subscription might be a good idea.

Or, if they don’t have as much time for their hobby as they’d like, just providing the opportunity for them to do it is a wonderful gift. If your man is a keen fisherman, book him on a heli-fishing trip; if your wife is a theatre buff, buy her a theatre company subscription with the promise of a babysitter when required.

3. Capture their favourite memories

There’s nothing like re-living a favourite moment or capturing a series of memories for posterity. As the saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ and few things can bring the memories flooding back like a special photograph.

Memories can be created with a professional photo shoot of your family. Or use a website like to create canvas prints of some favourite pictures, or a leather-bound photo book of a wedding or special holiday.

Digitising old negatives and slides is another great gift idea. It ensures the images will not deteriorate any more than they already have, and brings more flexibility in they way they can be displayed. Old childhood photos can be bound into a photo book or made into a slideshow for a digital photo frame.

4. The gift of giving to someone else

If you are buying a present for a person who really has everything, or someone with a strong social conscience, then a donation to charity has a feel-good factor that’s hard to beat. Many charities have developed creative ways to make donations so you actually have something to wrap and put under the Christmas tree.

Choose a gift that is relevant - whether it’s a goat for an African village, sports equipment for underprivileged kids at home, or adopting an endangered Sumatran tiger. If the donation reflects their personal priorities, it will be meaningful and positively received.

5. Give them the gift of time

As we well know at Concierge NZ, modern life is ridiculously busy and free time is about the most precious thing there is. If you have a loved one who is constantly struggling with their to-do list, give them their life back with one of our gift vouchers. You can buy vouchers for 6, 12, 20, or 50 requests – and they can get any task they want done, allowing them to focus on things that are really important to them.