Concierge NZ hits TV screens

Our Auckland-based Executive Concierge Myriam Kleinmann is about to add ‘television appearance’ to her list of experiences. She is set to appear in an episode of a new programme called The New Old, which begins screening on TVNZ 7 on 9 April.

The New Old is a 13-part series, hosted by New Zealand renaissance man Wallace Chapman, that explores the revival of old trends, skills, and services - everything from craft brewing to tailoring, suburban cinemas, and handmade asthetics. The episode we appear in looks at service culture.

Through archival footage and discussions with academics, Wallace explores the changing role of domestic servants throughout New Zealand’s history. In more modern times, servants have been replaced with franchise operators for cleaning and lawn mowing at one end of the market, and Concierge NZ’s very tailored style of service at the other.

Myriam did a wonderful job of explaining the unique positioning of our company and the differences between concierge staff like herself and the domestic servants of the past.

“Today, smart, professional people are choosing to take jobs in the service sector because it can be a rewarding career,” she says. “In the past, the social gap between servants and masters was very important but, today, I serve my clients as a collaborator or project manager for certain aspects of their lives”.

“We work together towards their goals. We need to understand each client very well, along with their lifestyle and exactly how they want something to be done, and then get it done faster and better than they could possibly do it themselves”.

“We have an expertise and people come to us for that reason.  Even if they could do certain things themselves, and they are used to doing these things, we can get them done very quickly and efficiently because we know where to go and the people to contact”.

“We see ourselves as professional problem solvers who have a valuable range of skills, knowledge, and contacts to offer. Not only do we get things done quickly and efficiently, but also to a very high quality - and that’s why people come to us for assistance.”

The New Old begins screening on TVNZ 7 on Friday April 6 at 9.30pm. Set your recording devices.