Lobby Concierge Services

Differentiate your building from others on the market.

Lobby concierge services bring real value to tenants of multi-unit residential and commercial buildings – and the cost of the service can be recovered in a number of different ways. We will find the best, and most cost-effective, solution for you.

Our lobby services are customised to the culture of your building, and the needs of its tenants. A concierge desk is set up in the lobby and operates for the hours you require. Residential buildings may prefer a 24 hour service, seven days a week, while commercial buildings tend to operate around extended office hours.

Our lobby concierge staff are resourceful, reliable people. They are great problem solvers who can deal with any tasks or problems thrown their way – anything from dry cleaning and dinner reservations, to dealing with tradespeople, and organising special parties and functions.

Concierge staff quickly get to know their regular customers and can anticipate their needs. For tenants, this means a time-saving service that simplifies life and brings peace of mind.

Lobby concierge services add value and marketability to a property, allowing you to attract, and retain, high-value tenants. And we make the process easy by working with you to introduce the service to tenants and body corporate groups.