Be Our Guest

Let us make your trip the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you are coming to New Zealand for business or pleasure, we understand your time is precious and you want to make the most of it.

Let our travel experts use their local knowledge and exceptional relationships to craft the perfect trip for you. We can open doors to experiences that are not available to normal travellers – unique experiences that will connect you to New Zealand’s landscapes, people, and culture. We create one-off itineraries for all our clients – tailored to your needs, travel style, and interests.

Whether you want a fully organised holiday, a self-catering villa with full provisioning, a romantic getaway, or to make the most of a business trip, we will make your visit hassle-free and unforgettable. At Concierge NZ we are accustomed to providing an impeccable level of service.

There is nothing we can’t sort out for you. Let us take care of the everyday tasks that come with travel, while you focus on soaking up the best New Zealand has to offer. Our services include:

  • Accommodation, transport, activity and dining arrangements.
  • Personalised transport options, including private planes, boat charter, helicopters and chauffeurs.
  • Personalised escorts, guides, and translators.
  • Customised activities and private excursions – unforgettable experiences that get you up close and personal with New Zealand’s landscapes, wildlife, and people.
  • Housekeeping services and in-home dining, especially for self- catering properties.
  • Preparing your accommodation with provisions and any other amenities you require. Arranging special celebration dinners and functions for birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries.
  • Babysitting services.
  • Personal shopping services.
  • Exercise options, including personal trainers, running coaches, and access to gym facilities.
  • Personal Assisitant services while you’re working in New Zealand.
  • Discreet security.

Let us exceed all your expectations. We really do understand the meaning of ‘yes’.